9 Idol Group First Wins That Made Us Cry Too

Winning a music show (Show Champion, M!Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo) is one of the major hurdles for a K-pop group, so it is pretty much expected for them to get very emotional for their very first win.

For some group members, it took years of intense training for them to even debut, so any recognition can mean a lot.

Let’s take a look back at a few times when idol groups got emotional while receiving their first award. You can expect the crying to get stronger as you go further down the list.


Girls’ Day – “Something”

Show Champion – January 8, 2014

While this is actually a video of their second music show win, it was the first one of theirs to be aired on TV.

Female President” won on Music Core on July 7, 2013,  but the show was not aired due to an airline tragedy.

Bonus: Before their first win, they came really close on a live show before, making for a really heartbreaking clip.

VIXX – “Voodoo Doll”

Music Bank – December 6, 2013

Leader N sounds very emotional giving the thank you speech while Leo crouches down and hides.

Video contains English subtitles.

B1A4 – “What’s Happening”

Music Core – May 18, 2013

All the members stand in disbelief for a moment after the announcement. CNU begins to cry hard.

Secret – “Shy Boy”

M!Countdown – January 11, 2011

After a tearful “thank you” speech, they begin to cry even more during their encore performance.

SHINee – “Love Like Oxygen”

M!Countdown – September 18, 2008

Maknae Taemin, who is 14(15?) at the time, starts to give the thank you speech with a bright smile while Jonghyun and Key put their heads down. At 1:23, Minho looks like he is trying hard to hold in his emotions.

They manage to pull together and perform their encore stage together.

BEAST – “Shock”

M!Countdown – March 25, 2010

Yoseob takes the mic and does great for the “thank you” speech while Kikwang, Junhyung, Dongwoon, and Doojoon come to tears. Luckily, we are treated to almost three minutes of their encore stage.

INFINITE – “Be Mine”

M!Countdown – September 1, 2011.

Aside from Sunggyu, we get heavy tears all around.

Keep an eye on Hoya in a span of 30 seconds. At 5:32 he is totally happy for the winning announcement, 5:44 the feelings hit, and crying by 5:55.

(Includes performances. Jump to 4:50 in to watch award.)

2AM – “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die”

Inkigayo – February 7, 2010.

It took 18 months after their debut for them to finally get their first music show win. Jo Kwon and Jinwoon become very emotional and have to cover their faces.

Luckily, Jo Kwon manages to get a few words out in the end.

KARA – “Honey”

M!Countdown – March 5, 2009 

Gyuri and Seungyeon, the two oldest members of the group, both burst out in tears as they give the group’s thank you speech. They are so overwhelmed that they don’t even try to cover their crying faces.

(Jump to 11:08 in the video)

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