Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - June Week 3

The third week of June saw the conclusion of a couple shows, and they gave us an emotional ride right up to their final minutes. Other dramas also had us in a flurry of emotions as the plots became more intense and intriguing.

Here are our top moments from the third week of June!


1. “Producer”: My habit is loving you

What do you do when you realize the person that you love will never confess his feelings? You make him!

Joon Mo has been working tirelessly behind Ye Jin‘s back to get her streetlights turned on, clueing her into his real feelings. So, basically, this poker-faced guy who edited out her confession really does love her, huh? It’s time for Ye Jin to set a trap.

She calls him up in the middle of the night to kill a mosquito. When he makes the 30-minute drive, she gets him to admit to getting the lights turned on. She asks why he would spend several days making complaints to get lights turn one for a street where doesn’t even live? And why he would make a 30-minute trip from one phone call from her?

With no escape in sight, he confesses. He tells her that he’s spent half his life following her from college to KBS, and he’s realized that it wasn’t just a habit but actually love. He explains that the reason he’s taken a long time to get to this point was that he was worried that if they dated, she’d dump him. However, now, he’s grateful that she didn’t let him go. All we can say is, “Finally!”

2. “Hidden Identity”: No other choice

Unable to shake off the anger over the loss of his partner, Gun Woo tracks down his killer who has gone unpunished. After a spectacular fight with the criminal’s crew in a night club, Gun Woo chases the murderer on the rooftop. Is he going to arrest him or will he beat him half to death? Gun Woo’s next plan is even more astonishing than either of those choices: He throws himself at the crook, leading to a deathly free fall. Lucky for Gun Woo, he only walks away with an injured arm as the bad guy breaks his fall when they land on a car. Hey, after all, he is the lead!

3. “Who Are You: School 2015”: Messing with the wrong girl

So Young constantly harassed Eun Bi despite knowing that her actions once caused her victim to attempt suicide. She seemed more driven to attack her every time her schemes failed while Eun Bi gained supporters. However, the moment of truth came for the twins when So Young set up a final trap for them.

So Young had called Eun Byul about a video footage that would harm Eun Bi. Worried, Eun Byul barged to the school, and with both twins there, all the students learned that Eun Bi is still alive. Giving Eun Bi a chance to explain everything to the class, Eun Byul dragged So Young out of the room and confronted her about the video. Although incensed, Eun Byul wisely recorded their conversation, getting So Young to confess that she had taken the incriminating video herself. She would use the recording to threaten So Young into compliance: So Young will go down if the video spreads.

It was exciting to see Eun Byul finally put the brakes on a girl who admitted she lacked self control. We will miss seeing awesome scenes like this from this show!


4. “High Society”: Don’t leave me

Yoon Ha has been grieving over the sudden death of her older brother, Kyung Joon, and Joon Ki, who has been worried about her, sends her messages but receives no reply. Missing him, she finally calls him, and the next day, when she returns to work, they have a private talk. At first, she tells him they should break up, but clearly, she doesn’t mean it. It’s a lie that she wants to break up, just like everything else about her is a lie, and she tells him that she’s not poor. While in his embrace, Yoon Ha then unloads her feelings of guilt over her brother’s death and the pain she has caused everyone she loves. And when she pleads for him not to leave her, he reassures her with the most comforting kiss.

5. “Mask”: The underlying message

They are telling the world they are a love match, but Min Woo and Ji Sook know full well they are in a contract marriage. Min Woo’s feelings for her, however, are slowly changing.

One day, he struggles to focus on work because he realizes Ji Sook’s in a bad mood. To resolve this, he personally asks advice from his company employees. He is told a variety of things and ultimately decides all are useless … maybe except for one: Tell her he loves her. That advice sticks with him, and flustered by the thought, he calls his secretary, who is with Ji Sook. Min Woo tells his secretary to inform her that he doesn’t love her. His secretary smiles, and understanding what it really means, he puts his own spin to the message, telling Ji Sook that Min Woo loves her. Confused, she replies, “Why?” LOL. Her answer has the secretary taken aback.

The interactions between Ji Sook and Min Woo can be so funny at times, but we hope he won’t fight his growing affections for her for too long.


6. “Warm and Cozy”: Stolen proposal

One night at a street stall, Jung Joo gets drunk over the truth about her mother and Gun Woo (who else?). Mayor Wook comes by to check on her, and in her drunkenness, they joke about getting married. She tells him to seduce her until she finishes up the bottle of soju, and she’ll marry him if he succeeds. She’s so hung up on Gun Woo that she asks Mayor Wook to replace him in her heart. When Jung Joo passes out, the mayor takes off to get medicine. It’s probably not a wise move, as Gun Woo arrives to steal another moment from him. Wasted, Jung Joo thinks she’s still talking to the mayor, and she lights up when he has “transformed” into Gun Woo. She declares she’ll marry him then! LOL. As Jung Joo continues to nod off, the owner of the stall becomes suspicious of Gun Woo, who insists she’s his girlfriend. Still unable to convince the ahjumma, Gun Woo moves next to Jung Joo, and as she leans on him, he persists that she is his. Half passed out, Jung Joo confirms that she’ll marry him, and at this, the ahjumma finally leaves them alone. It’s really a cute moment, and it’s just too bad that Mayor Wook had to see it all.

7. “Producer”: I need a second take

It is said that there are as many forms of love as there are moments in time, but we think that none hurts as much as unrequited love. Every minute you spend with your crush is precious and nothing is more painful than losing them. So, after Ye Jin rejects Seung Chan, he asks her for a redo. He doesn’t know if he should undo his confession so that she can’t reject him. Or should he redo his behavior so that she gets to know a more mature him? He doesn’t want to redo falling for her. No. Not that. What he wants is a retake so that he can do things right to make her fall for him this time. *Sob*


8. “My Love Eun Dong”: I want to go back

Jung Eun knows she is Eun Dong, the woman Eun Ho has been searching for for ten years. Her feelings and flashes of the lost past have been threatening to be recognized, so, she asks her mother to help her recover her memories. She may not have given birth to her, but she is grateful to her for raising her; she’s also the only one who can help her. Although Mrs. Seo feels guilty for conspiring to fabricate a new life for Jung Eun, she urges her daughter to continue living the way they have. She reminds her that she’s now a wife and a mother, so the past doesn’t matter. As tears well up in her eyes, Jung Eun rejects her mother’s pleas; she is resolved to remember what happened on that day before her accident—when Eun Ho was waiting for her. Mrs. Seo continues to plead, but Jung Eun lays out the truth for her: She likes Eun Ho. While many are fighting to keep her memories hidden, we hope Jung Eun remains steadfast in regaining them, even if she must do it alone.

9. “Orange Marmalade”: I’ll prove it

Jae Min is set to be married and Ma Ri knows about it. However, even though he loves her and feels the same way about him, a master and slave can’t be together. Jae Min is determined to leave and nobody is able to stop him from being with Ma Ri. A blind man becomes the bridge connect them again. When Ma Ri arrives at their meeting place, she doesn’t see Jae Min waiting for her. Just when she thinks he has already left, Jae Min comes and gives her a beautiful ribbon. He reassures her of his love and wants to start a new life with her. When Ma Ri tells him that she isn’t human, Jae Min angrily answers back. He tells her how precious she is in his life and kisses her to prove it. There’s nothing more truthful than that!

10. “Hwajung”: Checkmate!

Gwanghae‘s life was in danger after a plot to assassinate him had been set. Fully aware of who was behind this, Gwanghae orchestrated his own plan. After he successfully captured the corrupt official’s second-in-command, the official came forward and admitted his crimes, gloating that Gwanghae couldn’t do a thing about them. He bragged too soon as Gwanghae revealed his upper hand—that he had his son’s confession. He then ordered the official to become loyal to him; all his power was now Gwanghae’s.

A great king should be an excellent tactician in battle and politics, and we have to admire Gwanghae for it!

That’s it for this top 10! Please give us your take below and let’s do it again next week!

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