Dynamic Duo Gaeko Brings Entire Panel to Feet With Identity on “King of Mask Singer”

The June 28 episode of MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” was no exception in terms of delightful surprise.

Gaeko and another singer hit the stage as the third matchup on the recent episode, with ridiculous nicknames as usual:  “Future hope leaving work on time,” and “That man is ginseng.”

Following the initial performance, the panel, as usual, tries to guess the singers’ identities. Kim Gu Ra, in particular, is 100 percent positive about the identity of “That man is ginseng,” giving the initials SHS, for Shin Hyun Seob. He is so sure that, if wrong, he says, he’ll “disappear.”

Later, the host and Kim Gu Ra make another deal. If Kim Gu Ra is wrong, the host says, he should give the singer a chance to touch his famous chin. “He can go ahead and pull it out,” says Kim Gu Ra, still unshaken in his confidence.

When “That man is ginseng” reveals his identity during his final performance as Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko, the entire panel gets to their feet in surprise, while Kim Gu Ra despairs at the fate of his chin.

kim gu ra king of mask singer

Later in his interview, Gaeko says, “At first, a lot of people at my agency tried to dissuade me from doing the show. I still remember my manager’s expression when I first sang the song [for the show] live. It was as if he saw something he couldn’t unsee. That’s when I became really determined.”

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