Court Rules in Favor of JYJ Junsu in Jeju Hotel Legal Dispute

The verdict is in for the legal battle between JYJ member Kim Junsu and the construction companies that was in charge of building his hotel on Jeju Island.

Previously, construction company A and B sued Kim Junsu for not paying them the 5 billion won that they have invested in building the hotel. However, the court has ruled in favor of Kim Junsu, stating that the claim made by the construction companies lacked evidence.

The court ruled on June 28 that there was a lack of evidence to prove that the money was officially lent to the star. Kim Junsu’s legal representative announced, “There is an IOU that exists between Kim Junsu and the construction company, but there is a another IOU that states that the document is to be used for internal finance, and does not state the actual money owed.” Therefore, Kim Junsu never owed the companies the 5 billion won they claimed he did.

Regarding the claims made by the construction company, Kim Junsu is planning on suing them back for libel.

After the verdict was announced, Kim Junsu voiced his frustration with the Jeju media via Twitter. “The few Jeju media outlets that always spread the negative articles about the hotel without even reading them… Why are you all so quiet today,” he said, “I’m not asking you to be on my side. I’m asking you to be unbiased when you are publishing articles.”

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