“Superman Returns” Man Se Is Utterly Terrified of Crawfish: “I’m Shaking Because I’m Scared”

Song Il Gook took the triplets Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se down to the countryside to experience rice planting in the latest episode of KBS’ “Superman Returns,” so the boys could get away from the concrete jungle of Seoul.

After the toiling in the fields, the triplets go to a brook to wash up and find crawfish. Song Il Gook picks one up, and the triplets, scared and frightened for their dad, say, “No, you can’t, it could bite.”

Song Il Gook explains that it’s okay, and says, “Man Se, try touching it.” However, while all the brothers are scared to a degree, maknae Man Se is quite gripped with terror, and starts trembling. He replies, “No,” in a subdued voice. His dad asks, “Why are you shaking? Are you cold?”

Man Se adorably corrects his dad with a slight stutter: “No, I’m shaking because I’m scared. I’m shaking because I’m scared of the crawfish.”

Song Il Gook later tries to get Man Se to touch the crawfish again, but Man Se definitively refuses, and starts crying, although all is forgiven and forgotten in three short seconds. Song Il Gook is then pinched by the crawfish, and pulls back in surprise at how much it hurt.

Fist bump to the triplets’ survival instincts.

Watch the clip below: