Teen Top's Niel Impresses With Versatility When Performing A Pink's

On June 30’s episode of “The Last Song,” Teen Top‘s Niel is given the task of singing A Pink‘s “No No No” as part of the karaoke-style competition.

Niel lost on his last appearance on “The Last Song,” and this time around he’s brought his fellow member Chunji. When asked why he chose Chunji to come along with him, Niel says, “Because he goes to karaoke all the time. He knows a lot of ballads, and I really don’t know them at all.”

MC Kim Sung Joo points out that there’s a history of male idol group members losing on the show, including members of Super Junior, 2AM, Block B, VIXX, and B1A4. “There’s never been a single male idol group member who’s won on the show,” he says. “Do you think you can break the jinx today?”

“Yes, of course!” answers Niel. Chunji then decides that Niel should be their challenger for the first round, because he has experience on the show.

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When it’s revealed that Niel’s song for the first round will be A Pink’s “No No No,” MC Moon Hee Jun asks Niel if any of the members of A Pink are his type. “No, none of them,” claims Niel.

“As far as I know, that’s not true,” says Chunji. “He likes Chorong.”

“What do you like about Chorong?” Moon Hee Jun then asks Niel.

“She seems really pure and innocent,” replies Niel. The MCs tease him, asking him if that means he doesn’t think the other members are pure and innocent too.

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Niel then begins his round. Although he’s provided with some of the lyrics to “No No No,” at one point he has to quickly rearrange scrambled lyrics on the screen while he’s singing.

As Niel had previously pulled off a variety of different genres on his last appearance on “The Last Song,” including rock and trot, everyone seems impressed by this further new side of him!

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