Lee Joon Says He Wants to Play a Character Like the Joker In “The Dark Knight”

Lee Joon and Chun Woo Hee were guests on July 1’s episode of the SBS radio show “Two O’clock Escape Cultwo Show” to promote their upcoming fantasy horror film “Guest” (also known as “The Piper“). One of the messages that is read on the show was sent by an indie film director who offers Lee Joon a role in an upcoming film. After he hears the message, Lee Joon says, “I’d better take a look at the script first.”

He’s then asked what kind of role he would like to take on in the future, to which Lee Joon replies, “I always wanted to play the role of a psychopath, and then I did in the drama ‘Gapdong.’ But after we filmed that, I wanted to play an even stranger person. Like to the next level.”

He’s then asked if there’s any film or drama he’s seen where a character seemed to fit his ideal role. “Heath Ledger playing The Joker in ‘The Dark Knight,'” replies Lee Joon without any hesitation.

Lee Joon was praised for his performance as a psychopath in the 2014 drama “Gapdong,” so hopefully he’ll get the chance to impress viewers again while taking on his dream role of an even crazier character in the future!

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