SS501’s Park Jung Min to Quietly Enlist in the Army Today

SS501 member Park Jung Min will be enlisting in the military today, July 2.

A representative of his agency recently shared with TV Report, “Park Jung Min will be entering the Choongnam army recruit training center in Nonsan today afternoon. He plans to leave quietly as his close family and friends see him off.” He has expressed his wishes to enlist without holding any special events or meeting with the press.

After receiving basic military training, Park Jung Min is set to serve his 21-month service as a public service worker. It is said that he was not placed in active duty due to reasons related to his health.

This makes Park Jung Min the fourth member of SS501 to begin serving in the army, following Kim Kyu Jong (already discharged), Heo Young Saeng (expected to be discharged in late-July), and Kim Hyun Joong (enlisted this past May).

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