BIGBANG Wrapped Up in Plagiarism Speculations Concerning “Sober”

BIGBANG has been wrapped up in plagiarism speculations concerning their latest song “Sober.”

Namely, some netizens have been raising doubts about the originality of the song citing its similarity to U.K. pop band The Wanted‘s “Glad You Came,” which was released in August of 2011. There has been pushback by other netizens claiming that the two songs don’t sound similar at all.

The specific part of “Sober” that is at issue is the hook, arguably the most important part of any pop song as it’s what catches the ear of the listener. Netizens are claiming that the hook of “Sober” (1:01-1:15) sounds all too similar to the hook of “Glad You Came” (1:04-1:19).

In response to the controversy, Huffington Post uploaded a video that synchronizes the two songs in BPM and key as closely as possible. Watch the video below, and share with us your thoughts. Is there a significant similarity between the two songs or are netizens overreacting?

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