Block B’s Zico to Feature on Crush’s New Single

If you thought there was enough to look forward to in July, think again because two of the hottest hip hop artists right now are joining forces for a single album entitled “Oasis.”

Following the announcement of Crush‘s surprise July comeback, it has been revealed that title track “Oasis” will feature Block B‘s Zico.

Crush’s agency Amoeba Culture expressed confidence in the song despite the slew of comebacks slated for the summer, including Girls’ Generation, Girl’s Day, A Pink, and INFINITE. “New song ‘Oasis’ is of the hip hop R&B genre that features Crush’s unique style. Even amidst the many artists this summer, “Oasis” will be distinctive in its freshness,” the agency said.

Meanwhile, “Oasis” is slated for a July 9 release via online music sites.

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