Actor Under Investigation for Sexual Harassment After Ad-Libbing Scene

An actor is under investigation for sexual harassment after it was reported to police that during a movie shoot, he ripped open an actress’ shirt.

Seoul Geumcheon Police revealed on July 2 that during a melodrama movie shoot, actor “A” ripped the buttons off the actress’ shirt when this action was not in the script. During the incident, they were shooting a scene where a man comes home drunk in the morning and abuses his wife.

“A” became emotionally charged during the scene and ripped a couple of buttons from the actress’ shirt, and the actress reported the act to police, saying, “The script did not have such instructions and it is sexual harassment that he ripped the buttons off my shirt.”

During investigations with police, “A” said, “I think she should have brought up the issue during the shoot if she felt that was a problem.” He added, “It was part of acting and I had no intention whatsoever of sexually harassing her.”

The police is looking into the incident by talking with the fellow actors and staff as well as looking at the video of the scene in question.

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