WINNER’s Mino Kills It in 2nd Preliminary Round on “Show Me the Money 4”

WINNER‘s Mino is being considered a force to be reckoned with after his second preliminary round audition on the most recent broadcast of “Show Me the Money 4,” which aired July 3.

Previously, Mino revealed during the first preliminary round that he’s been receiving immense pressure from his boss, YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyung Suk. However, rather than letting it get to his head, Mino took the bull by the horns and used the pressure to his advantage.

He opens his rap (clip below) with a direct reference to Yang Hyung Suk telling him to pack his bags if he gets eliminated and proceeds for the rest of his one-minute rap to bring his wholehearted A game.

The contestants and judges were all impressed by Mino’s audition save for Jay Park‘s team. Jay Park failed Mino even before he began to rap, later explaining that his attempt to “look cool” with a “weird [arm] gesture” as the beat came on turned them off.

How do you think Mino did?

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