Song Jae Rim Shares His Skinship Tips on

Song Jae Rim appears as a guest on July 3’s episode of JTBC‘s candid sex and relationship talk show “Witch Hunt,” and he gets quizzed by the hosts about his famous skinship skills.

“Skinship” is a term that refers to physical intimacy such as touching, embracing, or holding hands between friends or couples. Or, as Song Jae Rim did, ever so casually putting your arm around your virtual wife on your first date on “We Got Married.”

Shin Dong Yup mentions that Song Jae Rim is famous for when he used skinship right after meeting his virtual wife Kim So Eun on “We Got Married.” Sung Si Kyung then asks Song Jae Rim, “Have you always liked skinship?”

“After spending a lot of time with my guy friends, I got comfortable using skinship while we were talking,” replies Song Jae Rim as he shows what he means by touching Shin Dong Yup’s shoulder.


“So then I just started using it comfortably with female friends too,” he explains. “But you have to touch them in the right way. You shouldn’t do it in ambiguous places. And if you move your hand, that’s sexual harassment.”

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The hosts then point out that even if you don’t move your hand around, if the girl doesn’t like it, it’s still sexual harassment. Shin Dong Yup reminds everyone of the time he tried to practice some skinship on Sung Si Kyung at a concert and got pulled away by his bodyguards.

Check out more of Song Jae Rim’s first time at the “Witch Hunt” table in July 3’s episode!

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