2PM’s Chansung Warns People Spreading Rumors About Him, Willing to Sue

Boy group 2PM member Chansung posted an angry message of warning to the people who have been spreading rumors about him.

On July 3, Chansung posted on his personal Twitter, “There are still people who are spreading rumors. I’m confused, should I just pity them and move on, or teach them a lesson.”

He continued, “It’s okay if you say bad things about me because you hate me. But it makes me angry when people create rumors about me, based on nothing. They seem to believe that’s true, but I think we’ll find out if it’s true or not after you’ve been sued. I’m only going to let it slip a couple of more times. After that, I’m gonna get all my evidence and sue.”

His agency JYP Entertainment told the media, “What Chansung said on his personal Twitter is his personal opinion, and not the company’s stance on the issue. We haven’t pressed charges on anyone yet.” They continued, “On our end, we have not reported anyone after we sued the people who were leaving terrible comments about Jun.K last month.”

Previously, Jun.K and JYP sued the netizens who were leaving derogatory comments about Jun.K’s deceased father.

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