“Three Meals a Day” Mascot Minky Is Expecting Puppies

As foreshadowed in the previous episode, “Three Meals a Day” mascot Minky will be a mother soon!

On the recent episode of “Three Meals a Day,” which aired on July 3, Minky the dog looks much more tired than usual and stays under the shade the whole day.

At night, Taecyeon looks after her and asks, “Is Minky pregnant? Her stomach is very bloated.”

Then Kim Kwang Gyu comes over and touches Minky’s stomach and confirms, “She is pregnant.” Hearing the news of Minky’s pregnancy, Taecyeon and Lee Seo Jin break into smiles, unable to hide their happiness.

Later, before they get into bed, all three of the men come out individually and say goodnight to Minky and make sure that she’s comfortable for the night.

Watch the clip below!

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