Park Bo Young Transforms Into a Lusty Pervert for “Oh My Ghost”

The upcoming July 4 episode of tvN’s “Oh My Ghost” will feature Park Bo Young’s character Na Bong Sun make a complete transformation.

Her character was revealed to be extremely timid and shy as she continued to apologize throughout the first episode. Despite her feeble nature, she works hard in hopes of becoming a chef.

However, her character changes when a lusty virgin ghost portrayed by Kim Seul Gi enters her body as we will see in the second episode. Apparently, the maiden ghost is able to do so because Na Bong Sun is special and can see ghosts.

Now that her body is possessed, she is a whole new person. Everyone is baffled by her new, stranger behavior. She eyes the attractive male assistant cooks with lust.

The head chef of the restaurant she works at, portrayed by Jo Jung Suk, is set to participate in a cooking challenge. However, his assistant cook suddenly disappears leaving Park Bo Young to step in and help.

You can watch more of Park Bo Young transforming into a lusty pervert when the second episode airs on July 4 at 8:30 p.m. KST.

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