4Minute’s Sohyun Reveals She Is the Queen of Household Chores

4Minute’s Sohyun proved that she was the queen of household duties.

On “4Minute’s Video,” an up-close observation program, Sohyun will be showing her daily life style through clips she took herself.

When Sohyun is left to guard the house alone because she doesn’t have any plans, she decides to clean. In the kitchen, rather than messy delivery leftovers or cute interior items, cleaning products are her main concern. She shows off the detergent and soju sprayer she made herself.

“If you clean up this way, the scrub on stove tops will easily come off,” she demonstrates.

She also tips that she gathers her food waste in the freezer before throwing it away. Sohyun is truly the master of chores, since she willingly cleans the entire Tupperware cabinet after trying to store one container and cleans out the fridge after trying to put away a bottle of beer.

“4Minute’s Video” will first air on July 6 through K star Channel at 6 p.m.

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