Yook Sungjae and Joy Have a Blast With Games Feeding Each Other on “We Got Married”

On the July 4 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Joy enjoy a date, equipped with just 30,000 won (approx. 27 USD).

With limited funds, the two head to a tteokbokki restaurant, where they amp up the cringe-worthy PDA and feed each other. Yook Sungjae even does the classic mandatory fake out, though he immediately makes amends with a spoonful of deliciousness. Yook Sungjae and Joy continue their couple game, aiming spoons at each other’s mouths simultaneously.

Joy says in her interview, “It was really cringe-inducing, but nice, because it was like we were really a married couple.”

yook sungjae joy wgm

When there is only one egg and one dumpling left, the couple takes to rock, paper, scissors to decide who eats the egg. The condition: the loser has to eat the whole egg in one bite, only chewing with one side of his/her mouth.

Yook Sungjae loses, so Joy feeds him the entire egg, which he struggles to get on one side of his mouth. When he bites into it, however, he is struck by how hot it is, and his eyes get teary. He says, “I think it was a good thing I ate it, because it was too hot.” Joy says, “Don’t cry,” and wipes away Yook Sungjae’s tears.

yook sungjae joy wgm 1

Next is the dumpling. The condition this time: loser is fed the dumpling – a long one – horizontally.

Guess who loses?

 yook sungjae wgm

After the rock, paper, scissors games are over, Yook Sungjae says, “If you laughed, then it’s okay.”

Park Mi Sun, watching from the panel, jokes, “Does he go to school [to learn those kinds of lines]?”

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