Writer of BoA’s Hit Song “No. 1” Finally Receives Royalties After 13 Years

A full thirteen years after the fact, Kim Young Ah, the writer of BoA’s hit song “No. 1,” is finally receiving her long-overdue royalties.

On July 6, the Supreme Court revealed that in Kim Young Ah’s case against Universal Music Korea, whom she sued to confirm that she is the creator of the song, the ruling was finally settled.

Following, Kim Young Ah will be receiving 45 million won (approx. 40,000 USD) in royalties, as well as 5 million won (approx. 4,400 USD) in compensation for her psychological distress due to the issue.

Thirteen years ago in 2002, Kim Young Ah was asked to write “No. 1” and received 2 million won (approx. 1,800 USD) from SM Entertainment. Shortly afterwards, SM signed a music copyright licensing contract with Universal Music. Then in 2003, Universal Music registered “No. 1” with the Korea Music Copyright Association and listed the writer for the song as Siguard Rosnes (Ziggy) and the original copyright holder as Saphary Songs.

In 2011, Kim Young Ah requested to the Korea Music Copyright Association that they delay payment of royalties to Universal Music, and in 2012, she filed the lawsuit for confirmation of the song writer.

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