[UPDATED] INFINITE Drops Album Preview + Video Teasers  for “Reality”

Update (July 11): “Reality” album preview

Update (July 10): New “Bad” teaser (360 VR) reveals the song’s catchy hook.

Update (July 9): INFINITE has dropped a second video teaser via Naver, which features parts of their choreography for “Bad.”

INFINITE has dropped the video teaser for their comeback with title track “Bad” off of their new album “Reality.”

The teaser begins with Sunggyu being chased in a parking lot. Then the strings kick in, upping the drama and suspense as the video cuts back and forth between scenes laden with broken mirrors and flowers dripping with blood(?) as the individual members look panicked and angsty. At the tail end, Sunggyu faces his mysterious pursuer, who is dressed exactly like him.

Needless to say, a lot happens in this short teaser. Check it out below, and share with us your thoughts!