Girl’s Day’s Yura Talks About Coincidental Run-in with Hong Jong Hyun Recently

Girl’s Day member Yura shared a story about coincidentally running into her former “We Got Married” partner, model-actor Hong Jong Hyun, recently.

On the July 6 live streaming broadcast of “Girl’s Day’s Happy D-Day,” which celebrated the group’s comeback, the host asked Yura if she still keeps in touch with Hong Jong Hyun since ending their virtual marriage life earlier this year.

Yura responded, “We still keep in touch sometimes to see how the other is doing. Not too long ago, I went to go eat melon bingsoo (shaved ice) with Sojin unni, and coincidentally met ‘Jjong’ oppa. Everyone was just staring at us. It was interesting. We happily greeted each other.”

She continued, “He’s currently a MC for a music show. We’ll most likely meet when we have our comeback. When we do meet, he’ll take care of Girl’s Day well—he has to,” causing laughter.

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