BIGBANG’s T.O.P Puts Netizen on Blast for Leaving Hateful Comment

BIGBANG member T.O.P recently put a netizen on blast after receiving a hateful statement on his personal Instagram that was aimed toward him and his group.

On July 6, T.O.P shared a screen-captured image of a comment that had been left on his Instagram by an anti-fan, which reads, “F**k t.o.p.. f**k big bang too [sic],” along with the caption, “^_^??”

t.o.p instagram
After receiving countless comments criticizing their behavior on the netizen’s own Instagram, the commenter uploaded a post with a photo of T.O.P and a caption that reads, “I’m so sorry �de41 I really love him. Damn me �de41 I’m wrong.”


The original post has since been deleted from T.O.P’s account. While some support the idea of publicly making hateful comments known in order to put a stop to the cycle, others have disagreed with how the BIGBANG member openly revealed the ID of the commenter.

What are your thoughts?

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