AOA’s Mina Confesses She Cried After Being Scolded by a Fan at a Fan Signing

AOA member Mina recently shared a story about an incident during a recent fan signing event that made her cry.

On the July 6 live radio broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Jo Woo Jong’s Music Show,” the members of AOA opened up about winning first place on a music show with their latest title track “Heart Attack” and other various stories.

During the broadcast, host Jo Woo Jong commented, “It seems like the flow is a little better than ‘Like a Cat.’ The group struggled a bit at that time. The feeling is good this time. But Choa, why do you cry every time AOA wins first? Do you purposely cry?”

Choa explained, “I didn’t cry with ‘Short Skirt,’ but I think I was more overwhelmed with emotions with ‘Heart Attack.’ I cried because I thought about how the members had individual activities, so they suffered more due to busy schedules.”

Member Mina added on, “Everyone cried except for me.” However, the rest of the members pointed out, “You cried too,” stirring curiosity as to what made her cry.

Mina confessed, “I cried after a fan signing because a fan scolded me.” Earlier, on July 4, photos of Mina appearing to be scolded by a fan began circulating on an online community site. According to a fan who was there at that time, a fan told Mina, “A singer should be good at singing. Practice singing in the time you take care of your appearance,” causing Mina’s facial expression to darken.

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