Update: KARA’s Goo Hara Drops Solo Debut Teaser Videos + Images

Update 2* (July 11) – MV teaser for “Choco Chip Cookies

Update* (July 9) – Additional teaser images

Goo Hara Goo Hara2Goo Hara4

After confirming the date of her comeback and the release of teaser images earlier this week, DSP Media has dropped the first video teaser for Goo Hara‘s solo debut album.

The twenty-five second video features an elusive hip hop beat that ends with a bass drop. The KARA member ups the sexy in the video, as may be expected given news earlier this week that KBS has deemed one of the tracks off of the singer’s upcoming album, “How Is It,” inappropriate for broadcast.

Meanwhile, the release of Goo Hara’s first mini album “ALOHARA(Can You Feel It?)” (pre-order details below) is set for July 14.

Check out the teaser, and share with us your thoughts! What do you think about Goo Hara’s solo debut concept?