When asked what they will do if their upcoming blockbuster “Assassination” is a box office success, stars Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Jung Jae made some promises that fit the setting of their movie.

“Assassination” takes place during the colonial period in Korea, when the peninsula was being ruled by the Japanese government and some Koreans were fighting for the nation’s independence. The film, which is directed by Choi Dong Hoon, tells the story of a trio that’s composed of a sniper, a nationalist government agent, and an assassin, who come together to carry out an important hit. The film also starts actor Ha Jung Woo.

At the showcase for “Assassination” on July 7, the leads were asked what they would do if their film sold over 5 million tickets at the box office.

“We’re not Yoon Bong Gil, but if we reach 5 million tickets, we’ll donate an explosion of lunch boxes to a charity,” says Jun Ji Hyun. Yoon Bong Gil was a Korean independence fighter who set off a bomb that killed several Japanese dignitaries in 1932 during the Korean colonial period. He then tried to kill himself by setting off another bomb that was hidden in a lunch box.

When they’re then asked to make a pledge for what they’ll do if they reach over 8 million viewers, Lee Jung Jae says, “I’ve never gone through with a box office promise before. However, although 8 million is a big number, I’d like to make it a bit more meaningful by making a promise for if we reach 8.15 million, because August 15 is the anniversary of when Korea was liberated from Japan. If we reach 8.15 million tickets, we’ll all hold a free hug event.”

Although it seems like a huge number, it’s not impossible for them to reach, as Choi Dong Hoon’s last film “The Thieves,” which also starred Lee Jung Jae and Jun Ji Hyun, sold over 13 million tickets. Let’s just hope he follows through with his promise this time around!

“Assassination” is set to be released on July 22.


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