SM Rookies' Yuta Replies to Sensitive Question About Japan on

July 6’s episode of “Abnormal Summit” was the first episode for the six new additions to the panel, including SM RookiesYuta representing Japan.

In the episode, Zhang Yuan asks Yuta what he’s bringing to the table since he lacks the experience that his older fellow members have, as he’s only twenty years old. Yuta replies that he’s able to contribute a young perspective to the discussion.

“Then I’ll ask you something that only young Japanese people can answer,” says Zhang Yuan. “What do youth in Japan think about the problems surrounding Japan’s history?”


Zhang Yuan’s question relates to the fact that Japan’s government has often been criticized for denying the atrocities committed by the country’s government and military in Asia during the first half of the 20th century.

“I can’t speak for everyone in Japan,” answers Yuta, “but in my opinion, young people acknowledge historical events. We think that some of Japan’s politicians have apologized, but we have to keep doing so until the other parties accept the apology.”

“So we think Germany is a really impressive country,” he adds, referring to Germany’s success in forging positive diplomatic relations with its neighboring countries following the Second World War.

“If what you’re saying is sincere,” responds Zhang Yuan, “then I think we can be friends.”

Be sure to check out the latest episode of “Abnormal Summit” for more frank discussions between the new and old members!

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