Han Hyo Joo, Han Ji Min, and Han Ga In Leave Lee Byung Hun’s Agency

Actresses Han Hyo Joo, Han Ji Min, and Han Ga In will become free agents once their contracts with BH Entertainment ends in October.

BH Entertainment, which was formed by Lee Byung Hun, is currently negotiating with the three actresses to renew their contracts. However, due to the fact that agreements have not been made yet raises the probability that the actresses will find new agencies.

An industry insider stated, “It is likely for there to be contact with other agencies three months before a contract ends. All three actresses are leads in dramas and films and they consistently earn a lot from CFs, so there will be a lot of competition to sign with them.”

Therefore, the status of BH Entertainment will definitely be affected by the three actresses’ decisions. After staying with the agency for a long period, actor Go Soo is joining a new agency founded by his former manager. More loss of talent will surely change the future of BH Entertainment.

Another insider shared, “The achilles heel is the fact that all three actresses have not been able to make a hit project under this agency. The agency’s reputation has also been tarnished by a few recent incidents. It is unknown how much this will influence the actresses’ decisions.”

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