AfreecaTV's Choi Kun Responds to Criticism of Girl's Day's Behavior on Broadcast

Host of AfreecaTV Choi Kun has responded to controversy related to what has been perceived as Girl’s Day’s rude behavior on a recent broadcast for the show.

After the broadcast aired on July 7, the members of Girl’s Day were criticized by viewers and netizens for appearing to ignore Choi Kun and focusing more on the food that he bought for them than on the show.

On July 8, Choi Kun responded with a statement declaring that the criticism was based on misunderstandings, “There really were no issues on the set yesterday, and we had fun. After the broadcast, there was a lot of responses, and after rewatching it, I realize there were parts that may cause misunderstanding so I am writing to you now.”

He attributed the misunderstandings to his attempt to do something different with the broadcast and create a more casual and comfortable environment for the girls.

“I wanted to do a bit more internet broadcast-like, casual broadcast yesterday. I wasn’t satisfied when watching our usual broadcasts with girl groups because they were so standardized and formal. There were a lot of responses saying ‘What’s the difference between [AfreecaTV] and a TV broadcast’ so after a lot of contemplation, we decided to go for a more internet broadcast-like, casual broadcast which ended up becoming more realistic,” he said.

He also apologized for not dealing with the misunderstanding there and then as he wasn’t unaware of the criticisms that were being expressed on the show’s live chatroom during the broadcast, “After we went for realism, in my desire to get some laughs, I made up scenarios and [the girls and I] bickered. And while we see the [live] chatroom on set, I couldn’t pick up on certain parts [of viewer criticisms]. I should have dealt with them there and then, but I think I wasn’t seasoned enough to do so.”

“Afterwards, and as is evident in the photo we took together, I was on good rapport with Girl’s Day. After the broadcast, all the members worried, ‘Were we too casual’ and we even talked on the phone [about it]. I wish there were no big misunderstandings,” Choi Kun continues. “There were parts where things happened differently than my intentions, and since it’s a live broadcast there were parts that didn’t get filtered. The [Girl’s Day] girls really made it fun. So I had fun.”

He emphasized, “I was never looked down on [during the broadcast] or anything like that. It was really a lot of fun,” and “There were parts that I didn’t expect, and since it was Girl’s Day’s first internet broadcast I wanted to make them comfortable. I hope my sincerity is communicated. I hope there will be no further misunderstandings.”

Although the episode at issue has been deleted and is unavailable on AfreecaTV’s site, it has been uploaded onto YouTube and has been making its rounds via SNS. You can watch it here.

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