Stellar Teases With Revealing Album Jacket Cover for Comeback

On July 9, Stellar uploaded a very revealing album jacket cover for their new single “Vibrato” on their official SNS accounts. The four-member girl group consisting of Hyoeun, Minhee, Gayoung, and Jeonyul have returned with a sexy image.

In the photo, the members have on tight, red mini-qipaos that boldly shows the sides of their hips and legs. What is most eye-catching is the black thong that peeks out of their outfits.

They are known for their bold and risqué image and these daring dresses seem to boost Stellar’s sexiness to a whole new level.

Stellar’s new song “Vibrato” will be released on July 20 at noon KST.

In other news, the group is preparing to enter the Chinese market.

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