INFINITE L Reflects on His Own Acting Skills and Thanks

INFINITE’s L, who stars in the drama “The Time We Were Not in Love,” had an interview with news outlet Xportsnews and thanked audiences, saying, “I’m very grateful that many people enjoyed the drama so far.”

In the drama, L takes on the responsibility of making ladies’ hearts melt with his character. When asked that he must’ve struggled and prepared a lot to do so, L said, “I did think about how to characterize and make Ki Sung Jae’s charms more attractive so that he can move Oh Ha Na’s heart.” He explained that he consistently thought, “What would Ki Sung Jae do?” when he was acting. He also mentioned that he took lessons to improve his tone and acting skills.

Perhaps his hard work is paying off because the negative feedback about his acting is slowly disappearing and positive ones are starting to surface. However, L explained, “I didn’t improve just by myself,” and revealed all the help he received from senior actors ever since he started his acting career in 2010.

The singer later talked about Ha Ji Won and how she was such a fun actress to work with. “Ha Ji Won made me feel comfortable the moment I met her. We talked a lot and she gave me tips on how to stay alert whenever I was feeling tired,” L explained.

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When asked about his favorite scene in the drama, L said, “I remember the umbrella scene the most. All of my scenes were fun to shoot but that particular scene remains the most memorable.” Another scene that he picked out was the one where Ha Ji Won was in the shoe storage room with him. L revealed, “When we shot that scene, we were in an actual small storage room. I was the one who was actually nervous.”

infinite l ha ji won

He went on to talk about his fellow INFINITE members and how they have supported him so well by watching “The Time We Were Not in Love” and cheering for him. He talked about Hoya, who is also starring in the drama “Mask,” saying, “Hoya cheers me on and tells me a lot of tips, too. I’m very thankful.”

L closed up the interview by mentioning that he does not want to just be an “acting idol.” He hoped that people will remember him as not just a simple idol but as “actor Kim Myung Soo.” “I want to show a proud side of myself to the people who love me. I will continue to work hard so please give lots of support,” L shared.

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