BEAST Announces Comeback with Mysterious Teaser Video!

Following the news that BEAST will be making a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of “Weekly Idol,” the group has formally announced their upcoming comeback with their very first teaser video!

On July 9, a mysterious video teaser  was uploaded onto the official YouTube channel of BEAST.

In the video, a series of numbers, seemingly referring to dates, appear on the screen: October 14, March 1, September 28, November 9, May 17, July 22, July 19, June 16, and October 20. Starting with their debut date on October 14, 2009, these are all the dates of the group’s comebacks since debut.

While the exact date of their impending comeback is not shown clearly, it is speculated that it will happen in late-July, as the video states “Coming Soon.”

Are you excited for their return to the stage?