SM Entertainment Introduces Three New SM Rookies

SM Entertainment has revealed three new SM Rookies!

On July 9, the agency introduced the three new SM Rookies through an announcement via their official social media accounts, along with pictures of each of the new Rookies.

The three new rookies revealed are Hina, Ko Eun, and Herin.

Ko Eun is the oldest of the three, at 16* years-old. She has been a trainee since she was in grade six. Hina is a Japanese trainee who is 15 years-old, and specializes in dancing. Herin is the youngest out of the three at 13. She hails from Manchester, United Kingdom.

Check out the three new SM Rookies’ profile images below!

Ko Eun:

ko eun sm rookies


hina sm rookies


herin sm rookies

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*Edited for accuracy.

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