Girl’s Day Reportedly Returning to Choi Kun’s Broadcast to Apologize for Controversial Behavior

According to an exclusive report by Sports DongA, the members of Girl’s Day are planning on returning to AfreecaTV BJ Choi Kun’s broadcast once again to offer an explanation and apology for the behavior that recently swept them up in a wave of controversy.

A music industry insider is said to have revealed that the group members personally called Choi Kun on the morning of July 9 and offered their apologies. This source reports that they have made a promise to appear on his show again on July 10.

Earlier, on July 8, Girl’s Day was heavily criticized for the way they seemingly treated their host, Choi Kun, disrespectfully. Viewers pointed out that they appeared to be ignoring him and talking amongst themselves, as well as other actions that viewers deemed as being rude.

After the controversy began to spread online, Choi Kun stepped up to offer an explanation. However, criticism of the group did not subside.

It seems that the members want to personally apologize to viewers themselves with another appearance on the show. A source close to the group shared that Girl’s Day will be heading over to Choi Kun’s broadcast following the end of KBS’ “Music Bank” on July 10 at around 9 p.m. (KST).

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