EXID's Hani Makes Hilarious Faces While Riding Terrifying Roller Coaster on

EXID‘s Hani, Solji, and Hyerin all take a horrifying ride on a roller coaster on the first episode of the group’s reality show “EXID’s Showtime,” but Hani in particular has some epic meme-worthy reactions!

Junghwa and LE pass on the ride right away, and offer to dance for everyone instead. That leaves Solji, Hyerin, and Hani to take the challenge.

Hani is terrified from the beginning, yelling “I’m scared!” as they wait for the ride to start. She freaks out when she realizes that her seat belt is undone, and looks like she’s about to burst into tears as she rushes to do it up before the ride starts.



Hyerin and Solji seem to be getting ready for a great time on the ride as they start to ascend, but Hani immediately screams in terror.



She then turns totally stone-faced as though determined to beat her fear with sheer will power.


But her resolution breaks all of a sudden and her face crumples again. “Don’t cry, don’t cry!” chant her fellow members from below.


Solji and Hyerin also don’t seem to be enjoying it as much anymore, as they scream while the ride begins to flip.


But Hani wins for the most hilarious expressions. She shrieks while her hair whips around in her face and then she begs for the ride to stop as she scrunches her eyes closed.

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When the ride comes to a stop, Hyerin is sniffling and Solji seems to be in shock. Meanwhile, Hani next to them looks like she’s just been to hell and back.


Check out the hilarious video for yourself below, and watch the rest of the group’s adventures in July 9’s episode of “EXID’s Showtime”!

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