GOT7’s Jackson Reveals What’s Inside His Man Purse

Jackson of boy group GOT7 recently opened up his man purse (‘murse’) for viewers to see, revealing the essentials that he carries around with him.

On the live broadcast of Naver StarCast On Air, which aired on July 9, the members of GOT7 opened up a live streaming party for fans for their upcoming comeback with “Just Right.”

During the broadcast, Jackson shared the contents of his ‘murse,’ which include moisturizer, loose change, a ring, cologne, mist, and more. He revealed that he would gift one of the fans with his favorite ring, explaining that they would be able to wear the ring as a necklace if the size is too big. Jackson stated, “Don’t lose it and keep it forever.”


Meanwhile, the brand new title track of the group’s upcoming album, “Just Right,” is a track that has a hip-hop rhythm combined with a pop melody. It is said to be a song from a guy’s perspective about giving confidence to a girlfriend who has a lot of worries and insecurities. GOT7 will be kicking off promotions following the release of their third mini album this coming July 13.

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