Tablo Says He Always Feels Like Teasing Block B’s Zico

Tablo showed his affection for Block B‘s Zico.

On the July 9 broadcast of MBC FM4U‘s “Dreaming Radio With Tablo,” Mnet‘s “Show Me the Money 4” producers Jay Park, Loco, Zico, and Palo Alto appear as guests.

During the broadcast, Tablo reveals, “Unlike what you see when he raps, Zico has a very cute side. So I always want to tease him.”

He then says, “You know how there are those kids that you just want to tease, and pinch when you’re with them? If you keep watching, you’ll see that I tease him a lot. His cute reactions are funny.”

At this, Palo Alto agrees, saying, “Zico acts like a younger brother that you want to take care of.”

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