Fan Friday: U-KISS Fans Dedicate Group’s Seventh Anniversary Project to Charity

This August, KISSMEs around the world will take pride in knowing that their fandom played a part in helping give aide and clean water to those who are less fortunate in developing countries.

Through 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Generosity Water, UKISSME USA began to collect funds for #UKISSWATER, a project dedicated to both celebrating U-KISS’ seventh year since debut and leaving behind a positive footprint. The project now includes thousands of fans and fanbases around the world, and has raised more than 1,100 USD to provide clean water. #UKISSWATER hopes to raise more than 5,000 USD to fund an entire well in time for U-KISS’ anniversary on August 28, 2015.

Soompi had the chance to ask the leader of the project, Rhaelyn, a few questions about #UKISSWATER, which she graciously answered. Check out how this project came to be, and how you can help!

UKISS_WaterHow did #UKISSWATER originate?

A friend of mine at work had told me about, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the clean water crises in developing countries. The more I looked into the organization, the more passionate and knowledgeable I became about how important clean water is. As of March 2015 I signed up for Generosity.Org’s campaign and launched the project. #UKISSWATER isn’t just a thought anymore…with fan unity, it can become a dream come true for a community that needs water and that can help over 500 people.

What inspired an anniversary project for nonprofit goals? Instead of, let’s say, presenting gifts to the idols themselves?

As a fan of U-KISS, I have always wanted to do something on behalf of the group as a way of saying, “Thank you.” Idols in general get extraordinary gifts all the time from fans all around the world, but the reality is idols are not always able to keep all the gifts they receive. As an organization, we have the choice to make a difference. What better way to say thank you to U-KISS and showing UNITY by purchasing a clean water well in honor of their hard work and dedication to their fans? The most important part of this whole project is making a small difference in not just a family’s life but rather a whole community that needs it.

How did all of the U-KISS fan groups from different countries come together for #UKISSWATER? / What is it like to be working towards a universal goal with fans from other countries?

Once the announcement was made on all social media outlets, a collaboration was made with another fanbase out of Europe. Together UKISSME USA and Kiss Me Europe created a strategy to reach out to other groups who may be interested in the project. We opened it up to the online community for any of the U-KISS fanbases who wanted to be affiliated. The camaraderie is enlightening as we felt the unity being built amongst U-KISS fans all around the world.

UKISSMe USA – KissMe Europe – Dearest Eli – Arab KissMe – UKISSMe Philippines – Purangs UKISS

UKISSMe Italy – UTCT Taiwan – Informacion de UKISS – HeawenKisses – UKISS Tunisia

UKISS Mexico – Kevin’s World – KISSme’s House VN (KissMe Vietnam) – UKISS Malaysia FC (MYUKISS)

UKISS Polska – Dominican KissMe – U-KISS FanClub Costa Rica – KissMe Peru Pro –

UKISS Columbia – U-KISS Peru FC – UKISS Canada

Working with the other countries toward a universal goal has been exhilarating. Although we all speak different languages, we all feel the same way in regards to doing something to make a difference in the honor of the idols we love and admire. Soohyun, Kevin, Eli, AJ, Hoon, Kiseop and Jun have brought fans of all ages and ethnicities together from several different countries around the world to unite for an amazing cause.

What advice do you have for other fans who may have an interest in creating a project of their own?

If there is a WILL, there is a way. If you are passionate about something then I am sure there are several people around the world that may be passionate about the same thing. UNITY makes all the difference, not just in the fandom world but in the real world as well. The best part about it is when you are able to combine the passion you have for a project and the group that makes a difference in your own life.

To donate to #UKISSWATER, click here.

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