9MUSES Claims Spot on Billboard’s World Albums Chart With “9MUSES S/S EDITION”

9MUSES has entered Billboard’s Top 10 World Albums Chart!

billboard world albums chart

As of today, “9MUSES S/S EDITION” is in eighth place. Since Billboard’s World Albums Chart takes into account all the sales of albums released worldwide, it proves that the girl group’s new song “Hurt Locker” has been receiving love from international fans in addition to their domestic fans.

“Hurt Locker” is an upbeat dance song that centers around how a girl’s heart changes after a hurtful breakup with a bad boy. The synchronized dancing has caught the attention of music lovers and triggered many dance cover videos from fans all over the world.

Agency Star Empire, states, “First of all, thank you to everyone who has loved ‘9MUSES S/S EDITION’ album. We think that foreign fans love it since the song incorporates a fancy pop beat. We will continue doing our best to give back to the fans.”

Meanwhile, 9MUSES released their summer album on July 2 and is currently promoting “Hurt Locker” on various music programs.

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