If the “Superman Returns” Song Triplets Signed With SM, YG, JYP, or FNC?

Ever wonder what Song Il Gook‘s triplets Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se would look like if they signed with SM, YG, JYP, or FNC?

Well thanks to the creator of this adorable pic stitch, you can get an idea!

The pic stitch, which has been making its rounds around the Internet, does a great job of capturing the unique character and personality of each of the management agencies. What’s most brilliant about the pic stitch, though, is that the creator didn’t photoshop anything but used preexisting photos of the triplets.

Song Triplets

For example, the picture used for FNC of the triplets clutching instruments is a capture from a commercial that they filmed for Hana Bank and the photo for YG is just a screencap from a “Superman Returns” episode.

Not going to lie, the Song triplets look like they would fit right in at any agency!