Kim Ha Neul Raves Over 2PM Taecyeon’s Yogurt on “Three Meals a Day”

On July 10’s episode of “Three Meals a Day,” guest Kim Ha Neul gets a great bedtime snack thanks to 2PM member Taecyeon‘s preparations for their breakfast the next morning.

While everyone’s getting ready to head to bed, Taecyeon is working on making cream cheese using yogurt. He strains the yogurt through cheesecloth, and plans to leave it over night. He makes two batches: one that’s plain, and one that he mixes with mulberries and blueberries.

He’s just starting to eat the remaining yogurt out of the container when he notices Kim Ha Neul peeking through the door.


He takes the container of the berry yogurt that he mixed and brings it up to her, and she gives it a try.


“You’re so good at cooking!” she says. “It’s so delicious! Can I have some of this?”

Taecyeon hands it over, a little surprised by her enthusiasm, saying, “Sure, have the whole thing!” He then puts the cream cheese dishes inside. Meanwhile Kim Ha Neul is now standing outside, totally wrapped up in digging into the yogurt! Taecyeon laughs and asks if she’s not overdoing her enthusiasm for it. She just smiles and shakes her head, and keeps on eating.



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