Snoop Dogg Joins “Show Me the Money 4” as Special Guest Judge for Cypher Challenge

On this week’s episode of “Show Me the Money 4,” the contestants are totally stunned by the appearance of rapper Snoop Dogg on the judging panel, but they also have to deal with a surprise challenge that will be sending four of them home.

Spoiler warning: Some contestants who make it through the third round are mentioned below!

After the third round ends, we see the guys arrive back at the studio, although none of them know why they’ve been called there.

San E announces, “The reason you’ve all come here is that four of you will be eliminated today.” He reveals that they’ll all be taking part in a guerrilla mission that will be done in the format of a cypher. A cypher is when a group of rappers take turns free-styling one after the other over a beat.

San E’s second surprise is that they’ve invited a special producer on the show. All the contestants look nervous as they try to see who’s coming through the curtain to take the special center seat.


As viewers had previously heard, the guest is none other than rapper Snoop Dogg, and the guys are totally shocked. Contestant Incredible is heard saying in an interview, “My heart stopped for a second” and Seo Chul Goo says “He’s a living legend.”


San E asks Snoop Dogg, “What do you want to see from these contestants for today’s mission? What are you exactly looking for?”

Snoop Dogg replies, “I’m looking for originality. I want you to be you, I don’t want you to be nobody else or sound like nobody else. I’m looking for the MC that sounds just like himself and who is him. So don’t try to do that – do you. I’m looking for you.”


The guys are then given a beat, and they have to all take a turn at the mic within ten minutes or they’ll be eliminated from the show automatically. The previews of this mission show their fierce competition as they all battle to get a chance to show off their skills in the cypher.

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