Tiffany Says She Has the Best Eyebrows in Girls’ Generation on “Heart a Tag”

On July 10’s episode of Mnet‘s “Heart a Tag,” Girls’ Generation member Tiffany‘s co-host Lee Chul Woo asks her who has the prettiest eyebrows in her group.

“Were the writers thinking of me when they came up with that question?” asks Tiffany as she puts on a big goofy grin. Lee Chul Woo asks if that means she thinks it’s her.


“I’m totally confident in my eyebrows!” she says brightly. “And in my eyelashes.”


“I naturally have really full eyebrows, so I have to shape them,” she adds. “When you look at photos of me from when I was a kid, my eyebrows were twice the size they are now.”


She says that a lot of people worry about their eyebrows because they’re an important factor in having sharply defined features. “There’s one member in Girls’ Generation who works so hard at drawing on her eyebrows,” she comments.

But when Lee Chul Woo asks who that is, she playfully says it’s a secret.


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