Block B’s Zico Reportedly Involved in Car Accident Caused by Drunk Driving

According to an exclusive report by Newsen, Block B’s Zico was recently involved in a car accident caused by drunk driving.

This past July 8, following fellow group member Park Kyung’s birthday party, Zico was on his way home with his manager when the car accident occurred.

As reported by Gangnam Police, the manager who was at the wheel was driving in an intoxicated state. The car that was carrying both Zico and his manager came into contact with another car after running a red light.

It is said that Park Kyung’s birthday party took place at a lounge located in Gangnam, and was also attended by the members of Block B, WINNER’s Mino, Teen Top’s C.A.P, Nicole, Henry, Yewon, and more.

A representative of the Gangnam Police explained, “Block B’s Zico was not at the wheel, but a passenger of the vehicle. The manager that was driving the car violated a traffic light, which caused the accident. Afterwards, it was revealed that the driver had been driving while under the influence of alcohol.”

Seven Seasons’ representative also shared, “After checking with both Zico and his manager, the two of them both had drinks, and the manager drove in order to get home. The manager is deeply regretful for drunk driving. We are aware that Zico does not have any major injuries. He took part in a broadcast recording yesterday (July 10).”

Meanwhile, Zico is currently appearing on “Show Me the Money 4.”

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