“Show Me the Money 4” Releases Statement Addressing Zico’s Car Accident

Mnet‘s hip hop audition show “Show Me the Money 4” has commented on Zico‘s car accident and how it will affect the show.

It was reported earlier today that Zico was involved in a car accident on July 8, where he was the passenger and his manager was driving under the influence. Neither the artist nor his manager was injured. Although Zico was not driving the car, he is currently under fire for being involved in a DUI case as a passenger.

A representative from “Show Me the Money 4,” where Zico is a judge/producer, told news outlet TV Report, “We just heard about Zico’s car accident. It’s still the weekend (July 11) so we have not formally discussed the issue. After we assess the situation and the severity of the incident, we will discuss whether he should step down from the show or not. It’s difficult to say anything now about him leaving the show.”

A representative from his agency also told the news outlet, “It is true that Zico was involved in a car accident. The incident happened because his manager was driving under the influence while returning home.”

They continued, “At the time, Zico did not know that his manager was intoxicated. He only found out that his manager was driving under the influence while talking to the police. Although he did get in the car not knowing that his manager was drunk, he is still deeply regretful of what happened.”

They also added, “We have not heard back from the police about any penalty regarding the passenger. If he is to be penalized, he will accept it.”

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