5 Reasons to Look Forward to Super Junior’s Comeback!

The internet has been ablaze lately with MV and photo teasers for Super Junior’s July comeback for “Devil.” With major groups holding comebacks this summer, it looks like SMTOWN is giving it their all for the popular boy band’s comeback. Most of us know and love Super Junior, but maybe you’re a newbie to K-Pop or only know the younger, rookie bands. If so, then it’s time to join the Super Junior fandom because these boys are epic! Let’s check it out in “5 Reason to Look Forward to Super Junior’s Comeback!”

1. Yesung is back!

Without a doubt, Yesung has some of the most pleasant vocals in K-Pop. While members Ryeowook and Kyuhyun may be said to have better control or clarity, Yesung’s tone and sound makes him a definite fan favorite. Known as the King of OSTs, he has lent his voice to countless soundtracks and moving, emotional ballads. He just recently finished his military service and has rejoined the group in preparation for their summer comeback. Old fans and new fans alike will enjoy hearing his velvety smooth vocals once more on the new Super Junior special album.

2. They are true entertainers!

Being an artist is about so much more than having good vocals and dance skills and producing great songs. Truly great artists know how to be entertainers as well. When you think of the great musicians of this lifetime like Elvis or Michael Jackson, what still makes them some of the best-selling artists of our day is the fact that they knew how to present themselves with the right amount of theatrics and musicality. Even modern artists like Lady Gaga have achieved enormous success by tapping into the art of entertaining the crowd. Whether it’s funny or fierce, Super Junior has also shown that they are never afraid to put themselves on the line in order to engage and entertain the crowd. For example, check out their latest teaser which is more like a movie trailer than a music video.

3. Super Junior is better than ever!

Years of time, practice, and dedication have helped Super Junior hone their craft until it has reached its best. Known originally as a dance group, they always wanted people to recognize them for their vocal talent as well. While most people have no problem admitting the vocal quality of sub-unit Super Junior KRY, some critics throughout the years doubted the vocal talent of the other members. Time after time however, the members have proved them wrong with their strong vocals and live performances. Many of them have sung solos at their concerts, including Leeteuk and Siwon covering Adam Levine’s song “Lost Stars.” However, even in group numbers like “Don’t Leave Me” (which was composed by Siwon), all of the members show that their solid vocals have matured and grown through their hard work. In essence, their voices are better than ever!

4. They are called the Kings of K-Pop for a reason!

Once upon a time (before EXO and hip-hop heavy groups like BTS and Block B)Super Junior ruled the world of K-Pop! They did so for good reason- they were unique, talented, hard-working, and dedicated performers who put out one hit after another. With songs like “Sorry Sorry” going viral, they were a well-known name in all of Asia. When it came to epic performances with the biggest stars, people turned to Super Junior. In the height of their popularity, they performed a 10 minute mashup of some of their greatest hits at the 2011 MAMA Awards in Singapore. The performance was so great, it even succeeded at turning major stars like Girl’s Generation and miss A into cheering fangirls.

5. They are hotter than ever!

With two members in the military, that leaves nine super hot guys to fill up the MV and stage performances. Let’s admit to being shallow for a second and allow ourselves to fangirl over their new teaser photos. The members have all grown from being young kids hopeful of success to manly, confident men who have only gotten better with age. On the plus side, while other groups like BIGBANG can rock urban-inspired street wear and crazy fur hats, there is still nobody in K-Pop that can look as fine in a suit as Super Junior.


Although we could continue to add to the list, these are 5 of the most important reasons to get excited about this epic group’s release of a new, special album. Soon to celebrate their 10th anniversary, as well as sending more members to the military, most fans agree that the group is going to make this comeback one of their greatest ones yet. Are you a fan of Super Junior? If so, let us know why you are excited for their new album by leaving us a comment below!

lee1086 is a Soompi writer who is a hardcore ELF that’s entirely too excited for Super Junior’s comeback. She is facing the album release with bittersweet feelings however, since it will be the last comeback before the love of her life (Lee Donghae) goes to the military. In his absence, she will try to console herself with the smoking hot Heechul and crying over old performances of Super Junior while eating green tea Pocky. When she is not obsessing over Donghae or the beautiful flawlessness of Key from SHINee, she is busy at church or hanging out with her family and friends.

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