[UPDATED] “Hwajung” Producer Lee Jae Dong Suffers a Fall on Set

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Hwajung” has revealed that their producer Lee Jae Dong has suffered a fall.

An affiliate revealed on July 11, “PD Lee Jae Dong lost his footing and fell during filming. He injured his spine and waist.”

The producer was filming in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do on July 10 when the accident occurred. The details of the incident have not been revealed, but he was taken to a hospital immediately after getting injured. Apparently his injury is not serious enough to warrant a surgery, but he needs sufficient rest in order to recover.

Currently filming has been taken over by the drama’s A team director Choi Jung Kyu. It appears as though subsequent filming will not be affected greatly.

The affiliate continued, “PD Kim Sang Ho also suffered an injury earlier, so this sad news has surprised everyone on set. We are determined to be even more careful now.”


MBC has officially stated, “PD Lee Jae Dong did not fall during filming. He was walking in a dark place on his own time when the accident occurred.”

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