Police Reveal Results of Investigating Zico’s Car Accident

After news of Block B’s Zico being involved in a car accident caused by drunk driving came out, there has been a lot of suspicion as to whether or not Zico was guilty of any wrongdoing.

As a result, the police have shared the results of the official investigation of the car accident and have stated that Zico is free of suspicion regarding being drunk and switching seats with his manager.

The police stated that the car accident occurred the morning of July 9 when the car hit a taxi while making a u-turn near the vicinity of Cheongdam CGV.

His manager’s blood alcohol content was 0.163 percent. Besides Zico there were two other people in the car.

Since the car belonged to Zico and he was found riding in the passenger seat, the police also suspected him of having switched seats. However, their investigations proved that the rapper did not switch seats with his manager.

Gangnam’s Chief of Traffic Yoon Byung Hyun revealed, “We checked the black box and CCTV and confirmed there was no seat switching. When the accident occurred, the air bags inflated and the manager got out of the vehicle first. Then Zico got out from the passenger side. Zico was also confirmed as not being drunk.”

He clarified that the rapper will not be penalized. Because he was just a passenger, he will not be receiving any lawful punishment.

Zico’s agency Seven Seasons stated, “The accident occurred after member Park Kyung’s birthday party when Zico and his manager were on their way to the recording studio. Zico did not know his manager was drunk until after the accident and investigation.”

They continued, “He was investigated and his blood alcohol content level was revealed to be 0.000 percent at the time of the accident. He is apologetic about this regretful incident and is conscience-stricken.”

Regarding the manager, they commented, “The biggest fault is not properly maintaining our employee. We will work hard and be careful to maintain our employees better and prevent an incident like this from happening again.

Meanwhile, Zico is currently starring as a producer on Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 4.” Representatives from the show have revealed that they have not yet discussed whether or not Zico will be leaving the show yet.

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