Kwanghee Achieves Fanboy Dream and Performs With G-Dragon and Taeyang on “Infinity Challenge”

July 11 was the second episode of the “masked ball” special of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge,” and saw the “Infinity Challenge” members each perform in order to impress the visiting artists, with the hope that they will later be chosen as partners. The format is similar to the common variety show couple selection process.

When it comes time for Kwanghee to perform, he hits the stage with Ailee’s “I Will Show You.” What ensues is a lot of head-hanging from the spectators, including, as host Yoo Jae Suk points out, the camera director.

kwanghee infinity challenge

Afterwards, Kwanghee attempts to redeem himself with another performance, this time just a dance number – BIGBANG‘s “BANG BANG BANG.” “It’s singing that I can’t do,” says Kwanghee. As he’s throwing his entire will into the dance, Taeyang pops up from his seat and starts dancing along, and G-dragon gets up, as well. During the joint performance, Yoo Jae Suk says, “I’m tearing up.” Kwanghee is so excited and puts so much into it that he makes himself dizzy, and ends up falling over at the end.

kwanghee infinity challenge bigbang bang bang bang

Kwanghee is on top of the world however, and exclaims, “I danced with GD and Taeyang!”

On Kwanghee’s performance, G-Dragon says, “I felt plenty of will and energy from the performance, but the vibe was a bit like one of my father’s friends after he’s been drinking..”

Watch the video below to see who Kwanghee gets partnered with:

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