IU Sings Fan Song “Knee” on “Infinity Challenge”

IU‘s sweet fan service on “Infinity Challenge” is earning her some praise after she performed “Knee” for her fan.

On the July 11 episode of MBC‘s “Infinity Challenge” each member teamed up with a singer for “Infinity Challenge Song Festival 2015.”

Park Myung Soo ended up partnering with IU. Park Myung Soo brings Jae Hwan, a composer from his studio, to meet IU. Jae Hwan reveals himself to be a huge fan of IU, saying, “I became a singer to be able to see you.”

Park Myung Soo then asks IU to sing, and IU accepts readily, accompanying herself on the guitar as she sings “Knee.”

“Knee” is a song that was not officially released on digital websites; instead, it was distributed for free as a gift to fans.

Check out her cute fan service below!

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