IU Shows Loyalty and Sings at the Wedding of Her Manager of 7 Years

IU showed her loyalty to her close friends once again, singing at the wedding of her manager of seven years.

On July 11, IU attended the wedding of her manager Bae Jong Hwan and the bride, Lee Bo Ra. There, she sang Lee So Ra‘s “Proposal” as the congratulatory song.

Bae Jong Hwan has supported IU’s activities since her debut, and his gentle personality and his adventurous drive is part of the reason for IU’s huge success as a singer.

IU is known for her loyalty. Recently, she renewed her contract with Loen Entertainment for another three years without demanding additional contract fees.

An industry insider said, “IU is known to be very loyal. Even when HIGH4 debuted, she helped them out with their debut by featuring in ‘Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms.’ She is busy with her work, but she kept her loyalty to her manager by making sure she didn’t have schedules on the day of the wedding.”

Meanwhile, IU, who has recently proven herself as a strong actress on “Producer,” is now appearing on “Infinity Challenge.”

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